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Race license (foreign skaters)

A KNSB-race license allows you to participate in skating or skate competitions.

In order to participate in skating or skate competitions organized under regulations of the KNSB, athletes are in possession of a KNSB race license. It provides you with a license number which gives access to subscribe (online) for races.



a. become a member of a Dutch club and fill in their subscription form.
b. Or: sent a copy of your current valid race license of your national federation to and fill in this subscription form.
2. Your subscription form will be handled within two days.
3. KNSB sents you an automatically generated email with your login credentials.
4. Log on in ‘Mijn KNSB’ (see also at the top of this page).
5. Buy your race license in Mijn KNSB.
In Mijn KNSB you find an English instruction manual at the right site of the page.

After you have puchased your race license you can sign up for races by selecting your match on

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