ISU Center of Excellence

Within the Dutch National Training Center of Heerenveen it is possible to combine multiple Speed Skating sports in the Dutch Development structure. A tailormade program could be made for every level of skater who also joins existing training groups in our ISU Center of Excellence.    

An ISU CoE is an ISU-recognized skating entity that provides an overall environment of high-quality facilities, skating services, coaching and training activities, research and innovation, servicing high performance and long-term development of Skaters, Coaches, Officials, and experts while engaging with multiple ISU Members.

An ISU CoE may act as an ISU development center, hosting or executing ISU development activities when required. The purpose of the CoEs is to share their knowledge, expertise, and good practices. In addition, creativity and innovation are encouraged to fill gaps in the development of skating sports.

The ISU CoE serves as a quality label awarded periodically to selected skating entities. Together the CoEs may form a worldwide training and development network that engages Skaters, Coaches, Officials, and experts in the skating world towards a better fulfillment of their personal and collective development goals.

ISU Center of Excellence

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In this folder you find the program for trainingcamps for Long Track.

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